The nature and organic structures have always been close to my heart. I have always loved learning something new and finding innovative ways to create distinctive pieces. Ever since I remember my hands and mind kept me busy pushing my creativity beyond limits.

My professional story started when I graduated College of Arts and College of Gardening. I then became an Interior Designer and Gardening Engineer. Winning a gold medal for my school project  – a modern floral arrangement –  was a first touchable aspect of my artistic background

Moving to London gave me an incredible chance to work as a florist for many amazing clients, hotels, restaurants in the city and around of UK. The most beautiful moments were to create a floral maidenhead for the Bride Magazine, be part of the Royal Ascot team, and create a painting installation with amazing people made with real flowers placed on Trafalgar Square, National Gallery.

As a fulfilled floral designer, I felt and I tried a lot beautiful things in my life but it as still missing something. Something closer to my heart, what was in my mind for a long time. Something I dreamt about, but I haven’t had a time for, I was always working for someone else putting all my attention on it and no time for myself. Then I faintly started thinking about my secret passion and step by step, practising and testing, attending courses and jewellery workshops on how to use materials, I began creating.

My first collection consisted of simple earrings and bracelets, which stylistically were far away from my current style. I needed few years to develop an unique style as an artist, bringing togheter my previous experiences and knowledge into the jewellery. Now I’m so happy to cooperate with the Stylists, Hair Artists, Photographers and be in the right place, at the right time. I’m grateful for all kind people I crossed paths with, who believed in me and blew the wind into my wings. As an emerging butterfly I finally  found my destiny. I’m following my heart and dreams.


My inspirations for my jewellery come from virtually anywhere. Even a simple walk in the park could be an inspirational kick. I’m fascinated by Japanese gardens and their philosophy, soI implemented its part into my logo.  The maidenhair tree ( ginkgo biloba ) symbolises strength, hope, peace, longevity and some people saying love as well, because of the leaf shape.

I’m truly delighted when taking pictures, playing with styling and being close to nature. Most of my creations come with an organic touch of beauty. Anything unique, edgy or innovative could be part of my designs. I love to use different textures, colours and materials such as wood, leather, sticks, linen, strings, cords, stainless steel, gemstones.



Everything what I do has a place in my heart, so it’s created with absolute care and an attention for every detail. I believe that the world has become cluttered with a mass-produced things without “soul” and meaning. I stay focused to replace that confusion with unique, handcrafted and distinctive pieces that could last a lifetime and will hold stories for the generations.